SMR Gearbox Installation
Satisfactory effectiveness depends upon proper set up. lubrication and upkeep. thus it is necessary the guidelines inside the installation and upkeep leaflet. supplied with every gearbox. are followed cautiously. a number of the critical facets of belt and torque-arm set up are listed below.
1. Install pulley on gearbox input shaft as close to your reducer attainable, and mount reducer on driven shaft as near to bearing as useful. failure to perform this can induce excess loads inside the input shaft bearings and output bearings and could bring about their premature failure.
2. Install motor and wedge belt drive with the belt pull at about 90° to the center line between driven and input shafts. this can permit tensioning with the wedge belt drive using the torque arm which must ideally be in tension. if output hub runs anti-clockwise. torque arm really should be positioned the best.
three. lnstall torque-arm fulcrum on the rigid support in order that the torque-arm will probably be at approximately ideal angles towards the center line with the driven shaft plus the torque arm case bolt. be certain there is enough consider up in the turnbuckle for belt tension adjustment.
Retain close.
Bell drive might be situated in any handy postion. if your torque arm should be to be made use of to tighten the belts, the drive need to be at about tight angle to the line amongst the input and output shafts.
Bell drive could possibly be found towards the appropriate if wanted.
If output hub rotates clock-wise. place belt drive and torque arm in opposite course to that shown during the illustration.
Torque arm and belt consider up.
Torque arm could possibly be mounted for the correct if sought after.