TPW Welded Plate Top Chains

Plate-top chains are a hybrid of steel roller chains and plastic plates – an ingenious way of combining the advantages of both materials. Plate-top chains use specially adapted high-quality rollers for tensile force transmission. The product load is borne by plastic flights that are custom-designed for the respective application, enabling the use of the dry running characteristics of a plastic-to-plastic pairing.

Product parameters

Chain No.
宽度 Width ( W ) 重量 Weight
mm inch kg/m lbs/ft
TPW – K217 55 2.17 2.7 1.82
TPW – K250 63.5 2.50 2.9 1.95
TPW – K300 76.2 3.00 3.2 2.15
TPW – K325 82.6 3.25 3.3 2.22
TPW – K375 95.3 3.75 3.6 2.42
TPW – K400 101.6 4.00 3.8 2.56
TPW – K450 114.3 4.50 4.0 2.69
TPW – K500 127 5.00 4.3 2.89
TPW – K600 152.4 6.00 5.0 3.36
TPW – K750 190.5 7.50 5.9 3.97

Features of Plate Top Chains

  • High performance. The flat and smooth surface has little friction for high-performance conveying.
  • High friction. The rubber top plates improve the surface chain to protect products from falling.
  • Smooth and steady conveying. Straight running and side flexing types to suit different representing lines.
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance. Clean them with flow water or soak them in water for easy and fast cleaning.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance. Stainless steel and other anti-corrosive materials ensure the flat op chain’s long service life.
  • High load capacity. The chain plates have a larger loading surface than balanced weave conveyor belts and other conveyor belts made of steel wires. This way, it can load more products for heavy-duty applications.
  • Customization. All the products can be customized according to your requirements and drawing.
  • Wide range of applications. It serves many conveying applications in many industries, such as beverage, food processing, and glass bottling.

Application of Plate Top Chains

Plate top chains have a wide range of applications. Details are as follows:

  • Cheese production.
  • Pharmaceutical packing.
  • Food industry.
  • Soft drinks industry.
  • Beer production.
  • Glass bottling filling.
  • Wire industry.

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